Secure Payment

Credit Card - Bank Transfer - PayPal - Prepaid Cards

For this purpose the following information is provided:

Payment by CREDIT CARD:

The main payment method for online transactions is certainly the credit card, which guarantees practicality, safety and effectiveness. Payment by credit card provides that the customer sends to the Company FRANCIA SRL, filling out a special interactive web page, the details of his credit card.

The company FRANCIA SRL will transmit the data to the bank by initiating a verification and accreditation procedure similar to that followed by POS installed at many stores.

The greatest advantage in using a credit card is the immediacy: most Internet users are credit card holders and need only type the number and expiration date to complete the transaction.


Upon completion of the transaction the site of the company FRANCIA SRL will communicate the bank details (complete Iban code) to which to make a bank transfer for the amount of the goods. Upon receipt of the bank transfer (or the receipt sent by the customer) the companyFRANCIA SRL will send the goods.

Please note that due to modern Web-Banking techniques, for the customer it is possible to order online, connect to the bank's website and make the bank transfer and, immediately afterwards, send the e-mail receipt to the e-mail address. Company FRANCIA SRL
Payment with Paypal:

PayPal is the company that allows anyone with an e-mail address to send or receive online payments in an easy, fast and secure way.

The operation of PayPal is very similar to that of a common bank account, after opening the account you can send or receive money, make payments online.

No configuration or monthly fees. Transaction fees are applied. It is specified that the tariffs relating to the aforementioned service will be applied only when the Company FRANCIA SRL will receive payment for the goods.

This payment system is safe and alternative to bank transfer or credit card. It is also easy to use and does not involve any configuration costs or periodic fees for the customer.


These are cards that can be purchased with a fixed amount available and with which you can make trades and therefore payments of products via the Internet. To this end, it should be noted that at the time of ordering, the customer must choose between the options provided for payment of the goods and therefore if accessing this mode must enter the name of the card, then enter the PIN code and a password to authorize the withdrawal necessary to pay the price indicated by the seller, in this case the company FRANCIA SRL. The amount is deducted from the card. The advantage over the traditional credit card lies in the fact that, in case of abuse, you are sure that the damage suffered will not exceed the value of the pre-established card.